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My magic wand makeup tips & tricks to brighten and whiten tired eyes!


We’ve all had those mornings where we wake up, look into the mirror and wonder why our eyes look so dang tired even if we were lucky enough to get at least 7 hours of sleep!  Sometimes it’s from allergies, boo hooing watching a sappy chick flick the night before or it’s truly from lack of restful sleep. 

Most of my photo and video shoots happen very early in the morning and the first thing the talent does when they arrive on set is go straight to hair and makeup. That’s when I take out my magical Glitter Fairy wand and transform red, tired looking eyes to bright, alert and rested eyes.

The simplest thing to do is to skip the dark eye liner in the inner rim/water line and replace it with a beigy colored one. Not only will this trick help brighten eyes it also helps to open up and make smaller eyes appear bigger. I know we’ve all seen and maybe own a white eye liner but to me it’s a really dated look that is too garish & obvious to wear for normal everyday life. It could possibly work for photos or videos that are not in HD but even then you have to be careful not to overdo it as it just looks so white and obvious. The more modern and subtle way is to use a nude, peachy, beigy colored pencil. Luckily there are lots of brands making these now. They come in both matte and pearly finishes depending on what you prefer and the look you’re going for.  The three that I use the most are from Cargo (very peachy nude) and the two brand new ones from ItCosmetics that are perfectly named “Hello Bright Eyes” which come in a matte or pearl finish. They are also waterproof which is perfect to make it last longer on the waterline and are infused with antiaging ingredients too!


Other tricks that I use to make the whites of the eyes appear whiter and brighter are all products that are blue. Did you know that the whites of our eyes yellow as we age? I know, so ridic but it does make us look more haggard and just not as bright and alert as we may feel on the inside. Why blue? The slight blue tint like in the picture above of one of my fave super models, Jessica Stam uses a blue filter in the lighting to give it that slight cool undertone emphasizing her eye color as well as brightening up the whites of her eyes. Remember way back when people used the product “Bluing” in their laundry to get their whites extra white? Same tricks work in makeup too! 

So here are some of my fave blue beauty products. There’s blue mascara but don’t be skurred. I’m not talking 1980’s bright blue at all! The more modern blue mascaras like the one from DiorShow are much more subtle in color plus I like to apply it as the final coat over black mascara just to the tips of the top lashes only. Again, it’s a subtle effect but it works! Another thing I like to do is use a navy eye liner to the top lash line and to the outside of the bottom lash line leaving the inner rim either unlined or using one of the beigy ones as described above. This really helps to brighten and whiten the eyes! My final tip has to do with blue tinted eye drops. This is something that works best on lighter colored eyes especially blue which are the most sensitive to light and dryness. All my clients with blue eyes experience red eyes on set from the bright hot lights. This is a product that I use very sparingly only when needed. Usually i’ll just use regular eye drops, specifically Clear Eyes which I like the best to get rid of the red. If that doesn’t work I use the blue tinted eye drops (Google to find a professional makeup artist store online as they are difficult to find in the U.S. but readily available in every pharmacy in France). This too works subtly in person to the naked eye but on camera makes a huge difference!

Thanks for reading!  XOXO, Tiffany :)

These are a few of my favorite things…I love workout clothes! No more UniBoob!

If you follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook you know I’m into a lot of things other than just makeup like fashion, nail art, home decor, healthy eating and fitness!! Oh how I love fitness and a gajillion years ago I was an instructor and taught at several gyms teaching up to 8 classes a week. This was back, back, back when step aerobics was huge, spinning was just a newbie to the scene and I may or may not have worn a shiny tights with a thong back leotard…maybe!  Now I’m just a fitness enthusiast but it’s still a huge part of my life and how I’ve come to work on so many of the #1 selling fitness programs with the top fitness celebs. 

One thing I’ve learned over the years researching and collecting data in my single subject, non-scientific study is that when you love your workout clothes, feel great in it and look cute in it, the more calories you will scorch!  And when you have something new to wear you really look forward to getting your workout in. What a great incentive to stick with your fitness goals!

So I know I post a lot about my obsession with certain staple pieces of fitness wear but my latest and greatest find just happens to be totally adorable, fits great, is super flattering and best of all it’s easy to find and a nice middle of the road price range!  I got the opportunity from GigaSavvy to choose a few things from the Macy’s website in their activewear for women department to test and review. I had no idea they had such a great selection of clothing and shoes from the familiar fitness brands like Nike, Puma, The North Face and a couple of their own house brands. I decided to try something that was brand spankin new to me and found a really cute top and sports bra both by Ideology.

When it comes to fitness clothing I absolutely believe that you get what you pay for. Call me the Spandex Snob but all you have to do is catch a glimpse of your booty in the mirror to see what high percentage of supplex in typically expensive workout clothes does for you!  It’s like Spanx! So when I received my new top and sports bra, (each under $35!!) I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the material, the awesome fit and how it performed in a super sweaty and intense Turbo Fire workout.

The sports bra…OMG! What a sports bra!  It’s seriously a modern day engineering marvel. I have a million sports bras and while they all meet their main job requirement to support the girls and control the bounce they also smash you down as if you’ve wrapped yourself up in an ace bandage and create the dreaded “uniboob” look. Well, I’ve finally found one that does it’s main job requirements but exceeds in the support, lift and separate department. Yes ladies, you can now have the look of two boobs!! The very lightly padded molded cups and comfortable flexible underwire make you look super perky like you’re 20 again! I’ve never tried a sports bra with an underwire before and was worried that it would be uncomfortable but it’s not at all. Another thing I loved about this sports bra is that the strap length was just right. If you look at my giant drawer of workout tops you’ll find that nearly every one has been altered crudely with hair ties or safety pins to shorten the straps and hoist the girls up. Also there’s an adjustable clasp so you can get a snug fit around the rib cage which further helps to support. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that. Now if only they would make it in every color in the rainbow…

The top that I got is similar in style to the Lululemon “No Limits” tank that I’m clearly obsessed with since I do own them in a rainbow of colors. This one by Ideology has a double tank, fitted on top of loose easy fit but without the banded bottom. It easily can be worn both in and out of the gym with leggings, a long fitted cardigan, your favorite riding boots and a scarf for the perfect super cute and comfy yet put together winter outfit. The inside tank is a black and charcoal gray subtle stripe that fits close to the bottom and is longer tunic length (covers your butt cause outside the gym remember that leggings are not pants!) than can also be worn ruched to shorten. The outter tank is solid black and looser fitting. This too needs to be made forever in every color combo imaginable!

So there you go! Check out Macy’s next time you’re looking to add some hot new pieces of affordable workout wear to your wardrobe. I know I will definitely be adding in lots of new Ideology. Oh, did I mention that they have tons of sales even on Nike and Puma so you can pay even less! That should make all of our inner Bargainistas giddy with happiness!

**Full Disclosure: I was given the products of my choice by Giga Savvy. My committment is to my readers and I continue to honor my relationship with you by always doing 100% real, honest reviews. I have not been paid, endorsed by, an affiliate or receive commissions of any type for this review =)



How to create Big, Sexy, Bombshell, Lioness Hair that JLo & Beyonce would be envious of! Rawrr!!

I was so fortunate and blessed to be in Vegas recently to work with my amazingly awesome client, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Fit Life Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author, Chalene Johnson for BeachBody’s Annual Coach Summit. Chalene found the most killer, blingalicious, sparkly, glittertastic, crystal and sequins encrusted dress that simultaneously gave me goosebumps, butterflies and sparked a visual inspiration of Britney, JLo & Beyonce flashing through my light headed & giddy state. Oh what fun we had creating Chalene’s look from head to toe all around this stellar dress!
I knew the hair was going to be really important to pull this look together. I thought we should go either super sleek & straight or the complete opposite with big, sexy, bombshell, lioness hair. As I started to do some research I knew for sure the latter was going to win out.  After all we were in Vegas and where else can you go as crazy and as BIG as you want other than for the MTV Music Awards or the Grammy’s, right?!  So as you can see we went for it and went for the mega sized gorgeusness, hear me roar, lioness hair. Rawrrr!!!
Chalene holding up two products from It Cometics that we both totally love! The Celebration Foundation and Bronzer/Blush/Hilighter Disc. See my previous blogs for deets on both.
This hair style is actually very easy to recreate as long as you have the right tools! And obviously this works best with long hair that is pretty much one length or just a few long layers.  If that doesn’t describe your hair, no worries because that’s why extensions exist! =)  As far as the giant volume goes I didn’t add any hair pieces for Chalene. You only need length which luckily for me Chalene already has.
Okay, the first thing you’ll need is a professional quality clipless curling wand. That is the key! You need a pro quality wand that will heat up super hot so that you can curl very quickly but also get the perfect curl that lasts all day. I personally own two by NuMe (google it, lots of places to buy including their own siteNuMeStyle.com but keep your eyes peeled on Hautelook.com for great deals!) in the 25mm and 19mm sizes. You can use a traditional curling iron using the same wrapping from the root to the tip technique that you use with the clipless but I find it trickier to learn to do on yourself and isn’t nearly as fast. Trust me, get a good clipless wand! You’ll love it!
Step 1: Curl hair in small 1″ sections. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl and the tighter the curl, the bigger the hair! If you have stick straight hair like mine and/or hard to stay curled hair use a Texturizing hairspray like L’Oreal’s Texture mist or my fave L’Oreal’s Elnette Satin which I see every hair stylist on all the sets I work using. It’s a great pre-curl hair spray as it doesn’t leave hair stiff or tacky feeling, volumizes like crazy and hair can be brushed out easily.
**Styling Tip** Do not loosen your curl or brush until hair has completely cooled and set. This is how you get defined curls that don’t frizz!
Step 2:  On the ends use your fingers to separate the curls and loosen it all up. Flip hair over and shake the curls out until the sectioned curls are no longer visible. You’re going for bombshell not Shirley Temple! 
Step 3:  Then section hair at the crown and back comb/tease (just at the root) the under layers creating volume. Repeat back combing until you get enough lift and volume at the crown.
**Styling Tip** I often see really bad back combing! Avoid this by teasing just at the root at the crown then pull a layer of hair over to conceal and then tease the next section of hair on top and finish with another layer of hair at the very top. That way you don’t ever get that visible “rats nest” look. So NOT cute!
Step 4:  Use my go-to hairspray for hold and volume Big Sexy Hair, “Spray and Play Harder”. Despite its name it doesn’t leave your hair hard. This is NOT Aqua Net. This is my fave volumizing and holding hairspray that doesn’t flake. Flaking is like so 80’s!!
**Styling Tip** Don’t go too crazy with the hair spray as it often results in flattening out the hair!
That’s it! Yes, it’s as simple as that as long as what you’re using in Step 1 is a good, hot iron. Don’t be afraid of the heat as you’re not leaving your hair wrapped in the iron very long. You literally wrap, hold a few seconds and release whereas with a lesser quality iron you have to hold your hair a lot longer.
Below are examples of less lioness and more mermaid/beachy waves which are achieved with the exact same products and steps but all you do is use larger sections of hair. The bigger the section, the looser the curl.
That’s it! Now get to practicing and please let me know how it works for all you gorgeous, bombshells out there reading this!  xoxo!  Tiffany :)

Scott Barnes Body Bling, aka JLo in a bottle or at least her perfectly bronzed, shimmery glow!

This past weekend I was in Las Vegas working the huge BeachBody Coach Summit doing hair & makeup for my wonderful long-time client Fitness Celebrity Trainer, Fit Life Expert and New York Times Best Selling author, Chalene Johnson!  For the final night’s big award show extravaganza Chalene found the most amazing dress that had a nude illusion liner with crystals and sequins strategically applied in just the right places. It instantly reminded me of Britney in the nude blinged bodysuit in her Toxic video and images of JLo and Beyonce with their stage performances and giant, lioness hair came to mind. Along with the hair and makeup inspirations I of course used my fave, Scott Barnes Body Bling. He created it several years back for his client JLo and you really do get her shimmery, tan, bronzed up glow all in that bottle. I actually used this on Chalene, her sister Jenelle and the super cute modifier who is in all her Turbo Fire videos, Alee for their workouts too. You can see how it really enhanced their skin and showed off their muscles!
Body Bling comes in two shades. The Original (and my fave) is a lotion that has a deep shimmery bronzer built right in. It’s best for medium, tan and deeper skin tones. You start off with just a pea size and apply it to each area of your body a little at a time. It looks very dark at first, almost like a shimmery chocolate pudding but once you blend it in just the way you apply a creamy body butter/lotion it looks very natural and gives you a great instant tan. It’s not a self tanner so there’s no committment. It just washes off in the shower. But it makes any bruises, leg veins, uneven skin, etc. look instantly better and of course makes your body look firmer & more toned the way a good spray tan does.  It’s also a great alternative to panty hose. Wha?? Panty hose? That still exists? Well, yes it does although these days it’s rare to find someone who wears them unless they really want to make their legs appear better.
The newer shade, Platinum is perfect for fair & light skin tones. It has a more cool/pink undertone and is a great choice for those that don’t want to look overly tan on their paler skin.  Make sure when you’re done applying to wash your hands or wipe them off on a damp towel as your palms will get really dark and shimmery.
So where do you get your hands on your own bottle of Body Bling? It’s tougher to find these days in stores although at one time I used to buy it Nordstrom. But no worries because my favorite online store for hard-to-find Pro Quality Beauty Brands and products, www.CameraReadyCosmetics.com has both shades available now! And I got my blog readers an exclusive discount code good for your entire purchase (except with Pro Artist’s Discounts) only for the next 30 days. The code is “tif2012″ for 10% off now through July 25, 2012. Dont’ forget to check out my other blog for recommendations on other products that I love from Camera Ready Cosmetics like their amazing gel eye liner that’s totally water/workout/sweatproof for only $9.00!! http://coachglitter.posterous.com/this-is-where-the-pros-shop-for-makeup
xoxo, Tiffany :)

Get your summer glow-on with Self Tanners, Bronzers, Body Oil & Shimmer!

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Here are some of my fave tried, tested & true products that i’ve used personally and on many of my makeup gigs to get that perfectly bronzed, glowing and shiny summer skin. There’s a bunch of options because sometimes you want a little bit of sheen and other times you want mega shine!  Same with bronzers. Sometimes you just need a subtle glow and other occasions call for full dark bronzed up, golden sparkle!

Nothing beats a custom, hand applied spray tan or airbrush tan but…I know that’s not a realistic option for most people to have done on a regular basis. It can be costly to do weekly or semi-monthly but it’s my #1 recommendation for special ocassions and it looks the best granted you get it done by a knowledgeable and experience spray tan gun wielding pro like me! Other great options for a golden tan can come out of a bottle. I’ve tried tons of them and my favorite by far is St. Tropez mousse applied with their tanning mit. This is what I use when I need to quickly tan up my arms or legs. Sure I look like a panda but unless you’re in a bikini it doesn’t matter that just the visible limbs are tan, right?  For between spray tans & full body self tanner applications, I love Jergen’s Natural Glow to extend my tan. I find I get an extra 3-5 days of color plus it kills two birds with one stone by moisturizing my skin (A must to get a natural fade) and keeping my tan darker longer.

Spray Tan, Hair & MakeUp by me for Fernanda Rocha last season on Real Housewives of OC. I always used the Stila dry oil shimmer spray on her too!

If you don’t have time to spray/self tan the three pictures on the right of the picture above are perfect to give you that bronze glow, shine and shimmer but without any committment! They wash off with your next shower. Sun by Sephora and Stila’s Dry Oil Shimmer Spray both come in pump spray bottles and offer a deep bronzer in an oil based product that also smells like Hawaii in a bottle. Both products have since been discontinued but don’t fret because I google searched it and they often pop up online at lots of different websites and i’ve stocked up because they have been staples in my makeup kit for years! The Stila product is what I used to give everyone that gorgeous glow on the ChaLean Extreme workout videos. There’s nothing like a little bit of UV-free tan, bronzer and sheen to really accentuate your muscle definition! The last product is Scott Barnes (one of the makeup artist’s I most look up to) Body Bling. This was one of the first body bronzing, shimmer lotions to hit the market years ago. He of course is best known as (now formerly) Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist. This lotion will give you the same JLo iconic bronzed glow. It also comes in a lighter version as the original is very bronze!

This next set of pictures is of my favorite powder shimmers and oils. Let’s talk about body oil. There are lots of different options and on a fitness or bikini shoot i’ll bring an arsenal of options as each one will give off various finishes, levels of sheen or shine. On the bottom left is an aersol spray cocoa butter dry oil from CVS. It also smells like Hawaii in a can and it’s my favorite “Goldilocks” product for just straight oil without any color/bronzer or shimmer/sparkle. It also leaves your skin very conditioned and moisturized. Under studio lights it’s not too shiny (greasy) looking and gives you the perfect muscle enhancing, limb elongating sheen.  Nars oil is a luxurious option that smells like a spa vacation in a bottle. If you need higher shine that isn’t runny or too “wet”, baby oil Gel is my go-to product. Regular baby oil can be quite messy and especially on set it can run into wardrobe and totally ruin it by staining it. Baby oil gel gives you much more controlled application. Just make sure to fully rub it in as under studio lights you can see an uneven, streaky application. Another makeup artist secret for shine is olive oil spray. It gives you medium to high shine and the application goes on smoothly. Just make sure to put a towel down as it can make the floor very slippery!

The final two products pictured on top are a loose & pressed powder bronzer shimmer. The loose one on the left is from Bare Escentuals. It maybe hard to find but there are lots of mineral products out there like it. The benefit of a loose shimmer powder is that you can brush it on over your regular moisturizer just to hi-light a few areas of the body like collar bones, straight down the center of your legs which I learned years ago working runway shows and makes the legs look thinner and longer as it creates a hi-light.  You can also create your own spray product by mixing it in a bottle with distilled water and even add essential oils. Just shake it up & voila, you made your own shimmer spray!  The pressed bronzer on the right in that ginormous disc is from Laura Geller and it can be applied dry or wet to face or body and it’s also very water and sweat resistant! Not waterproof but very long wearing. It will give you instant bronzer/tan as well as a bit of shimmer. It’s gorgeous!

 My stunningly gorg and amazing Fitness Celebrity client, Chalene Johnson. I used a combination of the baby oil gel with a bit of the spray dry oil on top for her Turbo Fire infomercial photoshoot.

Fitness models Jennifer England (left) and Michelle Pittman (right). This was a shot I took with my then, Droid phone backstage and not under set lights. I used just a little bit of Nars dry oil just to get subtle sheen.


The 411 on the brand new @ItCosmetics Celebration Foundation! My review & full low-down!

Foundation has to be one of the most challenging beauty products. There’s literally hundreds, if not thousands out there to choose from. It’s the one product that i’m always looking to discover the next better thing. The one that will finally make my far from flawless skin look as close to flawless as possible. These days the word “flawless” is a very relative term as every photo we see in the magazines and even on Instagram are photoshopped to the point that they barely resemble any human i’ve seen in real life!  But I do have realistic standards.  I want coverage without looking too made up. You know, that caked on, heavy spackled, maskey, thick foundation face that looks like it needs to be chiseled off with tools from Home Depot to remove every night. Nope. That’s not want I want. I want it to to be longwearing if not waterproof. I don’t want it to emphasize my fine lines or make my pores appear like craters on the moon. I don’t want it to separate in my T-Zone or make my skin look patchy & dry on the outer perimeter of my face which i’ve named “The Sahara”.  It has to be fast, easy and mess-free to apply.  I want it to cover my freckles. Who are we kidding here. They’re really age spots, sun damage & light melasma from years of competitive swimming and tanning. Hmm…am I expecting too much from a foundation??

I think not because i’ve discovered some pretty fantastic ones over the years that I use on myself as well as my clients. You can read about those here: http://coachglitter.posterous.com/give-good-face-my-list-of-fave-foundations-fo Well, it looks like i’ve found my new personal favorite foundation to add to that prestigious list! This new Celebration Foundation from ItCosmetics does just about everything other than cook & clean your house! No wonder it took them over 3 years working with plastic surgeons to perfect. Like many of their other very innovative products (the “I” in It stands for innovative and they truly are!) this is an amazing powder foundation that doesn’t age you and is designed for women who are not exactly 21 any more. We may feel Forever 21 but our skin may not be looking that way and we certainly can’t use the same products that 21 year olds can. Don’t be scared that it’s a powder because it’s talc-free which means it won’t make your skin look drier, ashy & most importantly older! It won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles or create fine lines and wrinkles that really aren’t even there…yet! They also left out the Parabens (preservatives), Sulfates (skin irritating, natural oil stripping detergents), Fragrances (very common cause of skin irritant), Cruelty-free (no animal testing) & best of all….NO BISMUTH!! Bismuth is that awful ingredient found in most “natural” mineral foundations that also cause major skin irritation including itching & stinging with heat, sweat and humidity.

They did add in tons of great anti-aging and flawless skin-creating ingredients like Active Peptides & Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid (a fave of mine that hydrates as it can hold 1,000 times its weight in water & immediately makes skin look plumped up and smoother),  Drops of Light Technology which uses light reflecting pigments to blur & soften the skin texture making it look younger (like having an Emmy Award lighting crew follow you around) and Vitamins A, C & E (anti-oxidants to protect skin). It’s like the most advanced cosmeceutical skincare built right into your foundation! It also has a natural physical, not chemical SPF of 50 (titanium dioxide & zinc oxide) but due to new FDA rules that will be implemented in June 2012, all powder products including mineral foundations can no longer claim any SPF.

That all sounds great but how does it look and wear? This foundation is a medium to a buildable full coverage that you can completely control based on your personal preference in how you like your foundation to look. Plus some days or depending on what time of the month it is our skin can look pretty darn great & other times it’s breaking out like crazy!  As I wrote in my last blog, I get monthly hormonal cystic breakouts and while it’s finally under control I have some dark post-breakout marks that take far longer to fade than the pesky breakout itself! I’ve been using Mally Beauty’s Poreless Perfection powder foundation but I still needed a full coverage concealer on my extra stubborn marks. Well, with this new It Cosmetics foundation I haven’t needed a separate concealer other than my YSL Touch Eclat to highlight under the eyes. I use the freakin crazy amazing flat top Heavenly Luxe Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush to apply the foundation on my whole face in barely a minute. Then I take a small concealer brush to concentrate the coverage to the areas that still need a bit more attention. In just a few minutes I’m done with no mess (seriously strongly dislike loose mineral powders)!  The finish is very natural. Not flat and matte and not too shiny which can borderline look greasy & oily. It has a healthy glow and luminous radiance to the finish like you would usually find in a liquid or cream but with a weightless feel. While I was testing out this product I didn’t use any primers or setting/blot powders with it so that I can really judge just the foundation. The only thing I used is my usual Embryolisse Cream moisturizer and Dr. Perricone undereye cream. The only feature I didn’t see about this product is if it’s waterproof or long wearing like many of their other products. I can tell you that I worked out with it for the past 4 days and while it did leave some color on my gym’s blindingly white towels I was still left with great, even coverage at the end of my super sweaty workouts. Of course I can always use my favorite Skindinavia/Urban Decay “All Nighter” spray when I do my super sweat-drenched workouts like Turbo Kick or Spin. If you have very oily skin I would suggest using a mattifying/oil control gel moisturizer and/or primer underneath the foundation and a mattifying blot powder on top (that means talc!).

So here’s the rest of the low-down. For now this foundation is exclusive to QVC only. Eventually, hopefully soon’ish it will be sold directly from their website and other beauty sites. This brand is not available in any stores that I know of. It also sold out when it made its debut last week but if you already follow me on Twitter/Instagram/FaceBook: all under “CoachGlitter” you would’ve gotten the heads up about this days before and ordered it before it sold out! Plus you would’ve gotten it at the amazing Special Event Price of only $35.95 which includes the brush!! Don’t worry if you missed out and you must have this foundation because it will be re-stocked as soon as the factory can pump out more. The item # on QVC is A225107 http://www.qvc.com/It-Cosmetics-Anti-Aging-Celebration-Foundation-with-Brush-Search-Results.product.A225107.html?sc=A225107-SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-3-_-A225107&catentryImage=http://images-p.qvc.com/is/image/a/07/a225107.001?$uslarge$ and it’s currently priced at $39.56 which is still an amazing value considering the other sites will sell the foundation seprately for the full retail price of $35.00 and the brush is $48! This is why I love QVC! You can’t get prices like they offer at the department store, Sephora or Ulta!

The brush itself is more than the price on QVC! And like all the other ItCosmetic brushes they are cruelty-free and DO NOT SHED! Have I mentioned that is one of my biggest makeup pet peeves? I seriously can’t stand picking up little brush hairs from my face, chest and clothes after i’ve done my makeup. Even worse is when i’m working on set and I check the monitor to see I missed a stray hair on the talent’s face and I need to interrupt filming to get it! Their brushes are all so incredibly soft yet plush enough to apply the product evenly, beautifully and deposit the perfect amount of pigment. They wash well and again No Shedding! Totally “The Bentley” of makeup brushes that I love as much as I my original production set of Kevyn Aucoin brushes.

Final bit of info. How do you pick the right shade? If you’re familiar with their Bye Bye Undereye waterproof concealer the shades are the same but they added one more, the new Light. The difference between Light and Medium are the undertones. Light is for light skin with pinkier undertones and medium is for light-medium light skin with more golden/yellow undertones. This brand runs 1 shade lighter than most others out there. I bought the Tan even though I’m usually in the light-medium light range. As a reference i’m a Light in Mally Beauty, NC 30 in MAC, Light in Bare Escentuals, Natural in Bobbi Brown. The Tan in ItCosmetics is a touch dark for me in the winter months and I would definitely use the medium then but since we are in the spring/summer months and I also started spray tanning myself again the Tan is the perfect match. I’m hoping they add more deeper shades in the future as the current Rich shade is about a Halle Barry to Beyonce’ish and I know the Oprah’s & Gabrielle Union’s of the world would love this product as well!
Thanks for reading this long blog but it’s been a long time waiting for this amazing new product and there was so much to share! I would love to hear your feedback if you decide to try it out!
Tiffany :) xoxo!