DIY Facial Mask for Gorgeous, Decongested Skin! The amazing Aspirin Mask!

Boo! Hope I didn’t scare you too badly! And no, that’s not shaving or whipped cream on my face. It’s the famous aspirin mask!  This amazing, super simple, effective and downright cheap DIY skin treatment mask is perfect for those with congested, acne prone & oily/combo skin types. It’s the best thing i’ve ever tried to elminate black & white heads which for even those of you lucky ones with beautiful normal or drier skin types can benefit from. The mask can be applied all over or just to the areas that you tend to get clogged pores and/or breakouts.  In my picture above (stop laughing at me already!) you can see I avoided the area all around my eyes as I don’t need the mask there. 

The aspirin mask isn’t just for your face though. It’s also fantastic to exfoliate off the last lingering areas of an old spray tan or self tanner or before you get sprayed/self tan to exfoliate dry spots like elbows, knees, feet/heels, wrists, etc.

So why aspirin? Aspirin is a salicylic acid which is a potent Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). You’ve probably seen this ingredient in your acne treatment products. BHA’s are best to unclog stubborn blackheads and works wonders on shrinking adult hormonal acne which I know about all too well =(

Obviously, if you are allergic to aspirin DO NOT DO THE ASPIRIN MASK!!  If you don’t know if you’re allergic, you have extra sensitive skin or it’s your first time I recommend doing a small test patch area before diving in and doing your whole face.

How do you make the aspirin mask? Like I said, it’s soooo easy! There’s many versions of the aspirin mask but here’s my favorite recipe that i’ve been doing for many years now.

You’ll need:

  1. The cheapest generic aspirin you can find. If you can get your hands on uncoated aspirin grab it! Or you can use aspirin powder but this is more costly than a giant bottle of generic.
  2. 100% Pure, No artificial dye or fragrance added Aloe Vera Gel (available at any drug store, Target, etc)
  3. Sturdy spoon to crush the aspirins.
  4. Piece of wax paper, plastic wrap or a pinch bowl like the one in the pic to crush and mix up the mask.

To make the mask:

  1. Simply take 5-8 aspirin depending how much of your skin you’ll be masking. If you’re doing just your nose or chin you’ll only need 2 or 3. 
  2. Take one aspirin at a time on your wax paper, pinch bowl, etc and crush each one into a powder with your spoon.
  3. Then add a few pea size drops of Aloe Vera Gel and mix into the aspirin to get a smooth paste. Make sure not to use too much of the aloe vera gel which will result in a very running texture that will drip off your face. Start with a small amount of aloe vera gel and add more if needed.
  4. Finally, apply the mask where needed! Be careful not to get it too close or in the nostrils as it can cause sneezing but using the aloe vera gel will help elminate this.

Other mixing mediums that you can use is pure organic honey like Manuka, Pure Jojoba oil if you have drier skin and glycerin.  I don’t recommend using just plain water because you are guaranteed to have a major sneezing fit. You definitely want a thicker base.

Wear the mask for 8-12 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water. For extra exfoliation wet your finger tips and very gently massage your face with the mask after it’s already dried, before rinsing off completely.  **I personally like to do this before I take a shower so I can easily rinse off every trace of the mask. You can use the mask 1-2 times a week or as needed. Remember that while exfoliation is essential to reveal beautiful, glowing skin you can easily exfoliate too much or too aggressively so don’t go too crazy. Less is more!

That’s it! If you end up trying the aspirin mask Tweet or FaceBook me a picture of you! And if you have a different recipe that you love please share it with the rest of us here under the comments.  Happy masking and hello beautiful skin!

xoxo, Tiffany :)





1 sock + donut head =’s gorgeous NO heat curls! Really! The Sock Bun!




 Jennifer Lopez's Soft Top Knot   

Pinned Image

Pinned Image  


Another amazing new thing I learned about on Pinterest is the Sock Bun technique to create gorgeous curls without any heat!

Here’s the picture diagram I first saw that sparked my interest.  The Sock Bun can be worn as a super cute top knot and really helps to plump up a puny mini bun into a super sized donut!  I recommend using a sock that is close to your own hair color just in case you don’t get perfect coverage all the way around.

Pinned Image 


  1. My hair without the sock bun {before}
  2. A whopping big bun, with the sock {after}
  3. Supplies: A normal sock with the toes cut off.
  4. Roll the sock into a bun
  5. Start rolling your ends
  6. spread your hair to hide the bun
  7. Roll the bun down to the start of the ponytail
  8. The pretty big bun
  9. The pretty big bun

Are you wondering where the gorgeous curls come in? Well, if you leave your hair in the sock bun overnight you’ll wake up to beautiful hair! Here’s my tips:

  1. Mist hair with water from a fine mist bottle. I used WEN’s Replenishing Treatment Mist, You don’t want your hair dripping wet, just damp. Most people have told me that they get a tighter curl when they wet their hair a bit more. FYI, I mist just the tail part after I put it up in a pony tail.
  2. If you have hair that normally doesn’t hold a curl well use a light mousse, gel mousse, lightweight gel or texturizing hair spray for tighter curls.
  3. Don’t make your pony tail too tight to avoid a big dent in the morning.  If you have wavy or textured hair this probably won’t be a big problem but if you’re hair is stick straight like mine it’s dent city.  FYI, you can quickly get the dent out with a curling or flat iron.I also found using those children’s terry cloth hair bands/like a skinny scrunchy work great to keep the kink out.
  4. If you use a thinner dress sock or a children’s knee high sock you’ll get a tighter curl. If you use a thicker, athletic sock you’ll get a nice big bun & waves.

If you’re still confused and need a better visual on how to roll your hair into the “donut” watch this video.  My biggest tips are:

  1. Use your thumbs! Your thumbs are what you push your hair through the bottom of the sock hole to the top.
  2. As you first begin your roll, tuck the tips of your hair under and around the sock 1-2 times depending on how layered your hair is. Try not to bend it so you don’t get kinks.
  3. As you first start to roll your hair down use your thumbs from the bottom of the sock through the hole to the top, roll down and repeat. Your hair will start to wrap around half of the sock and as you get about halfway down your pony tail spread the hair all the way around the sock to create the full donut and finish rolling down to the base. Tuck little stray hairs as you roll. This doesn’t have to be perfectly neat! Your donut will look more perfect and tighter as you practice more!
  4. Practice makes perfect!


My giant sock bun which survived a sweaty Spin class & my go-to style for yoga & pilates classes. Seriously, without the sock I could never get my super fine & thin hair to create a bun this big!


My results!!

Day 1: Loose big waves, slight curl using a bulky athletic sock and not so stellar bun rolling skills. Also hair was freshly washed.

Pinned Image


Day 2: Long, loose curls using a thinner dress sock and getting better at bun rolling! Hair isn’t so squeaky clean since I washed day before. I used Elnett Hairspray after I took the bun out to style and hold the curl.  Elnett is a great styling spray that you can brush out and doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or tacky feeling. 

Pinned Image


Day 3: Tighter, more defined curls using the same thinner dress sock, misting hair a tad bit more and stellar bun rolling skills! Also, the hairspray from day before was reactived by the water/WEN mist and helped hold the curl tighter. And I cleanse my hair usually every 3rd night so this helped too since my hair is really thin and has zero texture. Dirtier hair adds texture! =)

Pinned Image


Now go grab your sock and get rolling! Please let me know how you do and send me your pictures on Twitter @CoachGlitter or on FaceBook! Muah! xoxo!


Inspiration, creative genius, why didn’t I think of that…the best is on Pinterest! Get Addicted!















Yes I love it so much I wouldn’t be surprised if I get hauled away in a straight jack for being so nutty about Pinterest! Of course, i’ll get dragged away for my Pintervention in style! =)

So are you on Pinterest yet? If you’re not, go to the website and request an invite which everyone gets within a few days and sign up! It’s an amazing site filled with the most amazing tips, tricks, inspirational fashion, beauty, party, home decor, recipes, DIY galore, source for all your most creative and inventive ideas ever! 

Here’s my makeup board filled with lots of gorgeous looks that i’ve “Pinned” and on many i’ve added info on how to easily recreate it.

My Hair Looks board:  Hello sock buns, sock bun curls and mermaid hair!!

My fashionspiration board:

Oh and let’s not forget shoes!!

I have a bunch of other boards too! So peruse around and you too will be Pindicted in no time!

Muah! xoxo!


My (current) beauty obsession: Bright, Bold, Live-Out-Loud Lips! @OCCmakeup Lip Tars

                                    Wearing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Pageant

The past few weeks i’ve been on the hunt for a bright and bold lip. The kind of lip that can add a splash of happy color to even the most dreary and rainy Twilight-esque Forks, Washington kind of day. This is my favorite look right now and it’s so very quick and simple to create. I am seriously obsessed with a clean, nude eye (simple wash of cream or powder just on the lid and maybe a little matte contour), thick winged liner (I used Camera Ready Cosmetics Gel but you can also use liquid of course) and finally of course, it’s all about the lip!

                                        Top:  Melange  Left to Right: Uber, Divine, Grandma. NSFW, Pageant 

I’ve had the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (did they name this company after me??!!) Lip Tars for a long time but i’ve fallen in love with them all over again. They are such a unique product. More of a hybrid liquid lipstick that isn’t too matte yet not a gloss.  The texture is very different too. When you twist the cap off your very first Lip Tar be careful not to squeeze the tube as you may do with a thicker textured lip gloss.  The Lip Tar’s are very thin and light in consistency!  What I love the most other than the unique texture is the incredible amount of pigment! This is one extremely concentrated color lip product so again don’t squeeze a bunch of product out unless you are planning on painting your lips along with half a dozen of your friends or family!

To apply I suggest lining your lips which is optional but if you prefer to shape your lips like I do definitely don’t skip this step. Then gently let a tiny droplet of the Lip Tar pool at the top of the tube and use a lip brush to apply. Remember this is very pigmented so start at the center of your lip and blend the color out. This will give you a more controlled and precise application which is very important if you’re using one of the brighter/darker shades which will magnify any uneven, crooked applications!

There’s a huge range of color that you can wear alone or mix and match to create your own custom colors! 

Where to purchase: Available of course directly from OCC at but i’ve purchased all mine from my fave online pro makeup shop Camera Ready Cosmetics=>  If you need more recommendations on products that I love from CRC like my fave $9.00 gel eye liners check out my previous blog: Muah! xoxo!

A blog about blogs from a couple of friends who I had the honor of doing their makeup!

Okay, so yeah. I know it’s been forever since I posted a new blog but I have a huge list of fantastic & totally legit reasons why I haven’t. But who cares about all that because I really do have thousands and thousands of amazing, mind blowing, face changing blogs & videos I want to share with you. Unfortunately they are all still trapped in my brain. Isn’t there an app yet where you can just hold up your not-so-brilliant “Smart Phone” up to your head and it will just read what you’re thinking and magically create the blog for you? C’mon Siri! You can do that, right? Give me a reason to upgrade my new iPhone 4 for the 4S!  Okay, so until I get to writing all those life changing blogs and actually publish my makeup vids (I actually did shoot a ton but hated the lighting! Problem solved cause I now am the owner of the Glamcor Lights which serves a dual purpose to keep the plastic surgeon at bay…for now) here are a couple of blogs about me from two amazing women with fantastic blogs who I had the honor of working with. Enjoy! Maybe I’ll get the chance of gorgeousfying your face one day too!

Sneak peak at the New & Improved Waterproof Bronzer/Hi-lighter/Blush Trio Disc from It Cosmetics!

UPDATE!  As requested, here’s the ingredients list. No parabens & no bismuth oxychloride. Dimethicone is the 2nd ingredient which is what makes it glide on so smoothly like silk never looking powdery and is what is in nearly all makeup primers. Plus my favorite anti-aging ingredients like retinyl palmitate, collagen, green tea extract, acai, vitamins A,C & E!


The Universally Perfect Eyeshadow Color that makes every eye POP!

If for some reason I was given the extreme challenge to pick only ONE eyeshadow from the hundreds that I own (no exaggeration) for my work makeup kit that had to work beautifully on every skin tone and eye color…


including blue eyes 


and green eyes


and hazel eyes 


and light brown eyes


and medium brown eyes



and dark brown eyes…


I would choose an amber color eye shadow! No, not brown, bronze, copper or gold but the perfect amber.  It’s so beautiful and flattering on every eye color and skin tone. It creates a striking contrast against blue and green eyes (it’s all Color Theory babydollz! Remember art class? Take a look at a color wheel to find your complementary colors). On hazel and brown eyes it really draws out all the little gold & orange flecks and makes eyes appear lighter. You can’t go wrong with an amber shade whether the texture & finish is a soft matte, shimmer or a powerful pigment.  Wear it alone swiped on the lid for a very simple look or quickly smoke it out by adding a dark brown eye liner smudged out on the lash line.  You just can’t go wrong with this must-have, go-to, perfect eye color!

Here are some of my faves:  


DuWop Amber Eyes Palette            Urban Decay Eyeshadow Shag (2012 discontinued)



 MAC Cocomotion Pigment                 2012, Brand New ItCosmetics Amber Trio


Bronzer is my Crack! My list of fave bronzers for face & body!

What’s another one of my favorite, “desert island” beauty products?  Bronzer!  Yes, beautiful, gorgeous BRONZER!  How could you possibly not love it?!  It makes you look so healthy, glowy, tan, thinner(!) alive, rich, smart, funnier, successful…okay, well maybe not all of those things…but most of them!
What are my favorite bronzers?  This has changed a couple of times over the last 10 years but a few years ago while researching & testing out new waterproof products to use on the Turbo Fire videos I stumbled upon a brand new company, ItCosmetics.



Let me tell ya, their products have made my job on set so much easier especially on hot and sweaty fitness projects!  The very first product that I tried was their “Get Wet Bronzer Trio”. Yes, you truly can “Get Wet” because it’s not only a waterproof powder bronzer it is absolutely the most PERFECT color & texture.  The powder is so incredibly finely milled which means it will never look gritty, powdery or dry on your skin even if you have more mature, texutred or Sahara Desert-like skin.  You can use the matte bronzer to contour your face & add a bit of all over color glow.  Lightly apply it to the natural hollows under your cheek bones and where the light/sun would naturally hit like the sides of your forehead, across the nose, chin and if you want to create the illusion of a stronger jaw line sweep it across the underside of your jaw especially under the chin to make a slight double chin disappear!


This palette not only comes with the perfect matte bronzer but the other two shimmery shades just happen to help create the perfect dimensional cheek and face. Ever wonder how the celebs get that gorgeous highlight on their cheek bones when you see them walk the red carpet? This palette will create that exact look!  The pinky, champagne shimmer can be used as a subtle highlighter, over top your matte blushes on the apples of your cheeks or as an eye shadow.  The white shimmer color is a very “potent” highlighter that you must use with a fluffy brush and a light hand to accentuate the high points of your cheek bones, collar bones, shoulders, etc.  If you suffer from dark undereye circles it also looks amazing if you apply just a tiny soft dot to the inner corner of your eyes. 

The ItCosmetics Get Wet Bronzer is an absolute beauty must-have and I can’t tell you how many fitness pros use this, workout fanatics and of course makeup lovers agree that it’s the absolute best bronzer on the market! I’ve gone through a countless number of palettes myself and give it away as gifts since I discovered them. I can’t recommend it enough!!

**So I just emailed my friends at ItCosmetics after getting a bunch of messages from people who couldn’t find the bronzer on their website. I almost had a heart attack when I didn’t see it either. Well, the bronzer palette has been discontinued but don’t freak out (like I did) because they are coming out with a new and improved bronzer this summer! Of course, I can’t imagine improving on perfection but if anyone can do it it’s ItCosmetics (wow, that was a lot of “it”‘s in a row!)!! Until then, there are still some final quantities left of the bronzer at,,

**Updated 7/26/11: The TWO new bronzers from It Cosmetics are now available exclusive at QVC (for the time being)!! They are each featured in an amazing value set with the most amazing luxe brushes (i’m obsessed with them!).  Here are the links:

See it here on my blog video ==>

To shimmer & bronze up your body there are some Fab loose powder bronzers like MAC’s or Bare Escentuals body minerals to add a bit of color & glow to bare legs and arms just in time for spring and summer.  How do you make it stick and last longer on your skin?  Make sure you apply moisturizer first before you brush it on or mix it with some water or a makeup fix spray in a small mister spray bottle. 

Click for larger image/zoom

Too much work for you?  Well, luckily Stila makes an amazing dry-oil bronzer shimmer spray! It’s crazy gorgeous on the skin and also what I used in the ChaLean Extreme workout videos on all the beautiful girls in the video!


If you prefer a lotion try my two fave products that not only moisturize your skin but it gives you a tan as well as a shimmery glow!  These two products have a bronzer built in so it’s perfect if you want to deepen your spray tan or if you just didn’t have time to get sprayed.  These are NOT self tanners so the color will wash off the next time you shower.  The color you get from both are pretty impressive straight out of the bottle. Simple Gorgeous!

My newest find and obsession, Carlene K Shine Body Bronzer:


And a cult fave made famous by Jennifer Lopez, Scott Barnes Body Bling!

Get glowing ladies and grab some bronzer!

Muah! Tiffany xoxo

How-to create Fernanda Rocha’s sweet & sexy hair from Real Housewives of OC #RHOOC. The modern low side pony!

I love working regularly with the same clients because as we get to know each other more and they trust my judgement, we can branch out and try a variety of new looks! If you’re in the public eye there’s nothing more boring than showing up having the same, predictable look. 

I absolutely adore working with the beautiful Fernanda Rocha ( who is now a regular cast member on Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  I’ve worked with her before for the finale party for Season 5 that she attended as a guest and since then we’ve created a lot of gorgeous looks together.  She is the total Laguna Beach girl and wears very little to no makeup on most days. Yes, she’s one of the very lucky few who can get away wearing nothing but Chapstick and suncreen!  Lucky for me, she’s really loving embracing her girly-girl side and letting me try out lots of fun new styles on her. 

Here’s the look I created for Fernanda on last night’s episode (April 3, 2011).  It’s the modern version of the side pony.             


So how do you create this look without looking like you’re going to an 80′s themed party?

This look is super easy to create and there are several variations.  On Fernanda, I smoothed her hair with a flat iron that also creates curls to create a bit of volume in the crown.  Then take your curling flat iron or a regular curling iron to create the curls.  I wanted larger curls so I used larger sections but if you want tighter curls use smaller sections.  This next part is super important so take notes! Fernanda usually parts her hair in the center or has no part when her hair is worn down so I had to pick a part.  **You should part your hair on your “good side”. Everyone has a good side. Take a look at pictures of you on FaceBook, the ones that you didn’t untag and see which side you tilt your head. If you’re all over the place then study which side of your face is closer to the camera on the pictures that you like most. 

Then pull all the hair over to your non-good side, low behind your ear. Secure with a pony tail holder/rubber band (I like the ones with no metal so it doesn’t damage your hair)  to hold the pony. The final step is to take a very small section of hair and wrap it around the band/holder to hide it.  Secure it with 2 bobby pins on the bottom, underneath part of the holder and criss cross them to make sure it doesn’t budge. Finish with a bit of hair spray (my fave is Big Sexy Hair, Spray and Play Harder. You’re done!!

Here’s another variation with a front braid and smaller, loose curls:


Another with hair pulled smooth and tight with mermaid waves:


Long side swept bangs & looser pony:

 And a shot of me working on the set of the Turbo Fire workout DVD’s. Loose side pony with straight hair and one of my big blinged flowers!

Muah! Tiffany xoxo

This is where the Pros shop for MakeUp @CRCMakeup

Camera Ready Cosmetics™

Where do the PROS shop when they can’t get to LA/Hollywood to buy all the hard-to-find professional brands and essentials? of course!    

It’s not just my favorite makeup website to shop at but their customer service is impeccable and I love supporting Mary Erickson, the owner of CRC who is also an amazing talented and well respected industry MakeUp Artist herself!!

Here’s a recap of some of my faves!  I think you’ll notice right away at some of the crazy low, drugstore-like prices. You may have never heard of some of these brands because they are not commercially popular or advertised but that doesn’t mean it’s not a stellar product! Some of these brands have been around for pros for years and years and now everyone can get their makeup loving hands on them! 

Free shipping on orders over $60 anywhere in the U.S and if you’re a Pro Artist make sure to request a Pro sign in.

**Exclusive discount code good for your entire purchase (except with Pro Artist’s Discounts) only for the next 30 days. The code is “tif2012″ for 10% off now through July 25, 2012.  FYI, i’m not an affiliate and I don’t get a commission or cut from the sales! =)

I’m a little obsessive when it comes to lip products of any kind but wow! I seriously need an intervention when it comes to OCC (perfectly named, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tars. Now don’t freak out about the name because there’s NO actual tar in it! I get asked that question all the time! They are just gorgeous, multiple-use lip products that you can wear as is or with some of the funkier colors you can release your inner artist go and mix up your own custom shades that are unique only to you!  Love, love, love them!! If a lip gloss could change your life…   

What is all the rage amongst professional makeup artists and created by the pros? It’s the Beauty Blender makeup sponge which is an ingenius product that is shaped like an egg or ellipse so that there are NO harsh edges or corners. Why is that important? Well, i’ll tell ya! No edges means no streaky lines on your face as you’re trying to apply your foundation. The Beauty Blender makes foundation application not only faster and more efficient but the finish is gorgeous and flawless. No worries either about your sponge soaking up all that pricey foundation up either because the Beauty Blender is a very densely packed sponge that is much less porous than most sponges so it will help quickly spread and blend your makeup rather than suck it all up! Best of all this sponge is meant to be used and re-used over and over again. Beauty Blender has their own cleanser that completely cleans and disinfects your sponge so that it’s all ready for use again the next day. For personal use the Beauty Blender will last you months and months if you were to use it every single day. Plus Beauty Blender has a recycling program too so it’s better for the environment than going through sponges and sponges everyday! They carry the individual Beauty Blender, the starter set with the cleanser, the Duo set and for Pro’s only the biggie pack!! Here’s a link:

 Beauty Blender Single Blender

If you’re like me and you LOVE gel eye liners for their fluid, smooth and most importantly for all us Turbo/Workout freaks out there, because it’s extremely rub off and water resistant/proof. I love Bobbi Brown and MAC’s gel liners but a couple of years ago another makeup artist friend of mine introduced me to the CRC gel liners and these little gems in a pot have become my favorite. Plus did I mention they are only $9.00!! Hello, that’s less than half the price of the Bobbi brown ones!!

 Camera Ready Gel Eyeliner color chart

I love all the basic colors but if you have blue eyes you need/must own the Tidal Wave shade. It’s seriously gorgeous!! The Tanzanite will work for everyone but especially fabulous on green and brown eyed beauties. The black and brown are must-have essentials for EVERYONE!!

One of my very favorite long-time products is Graftobian’s lipsticks. They were custom made for the amazing makeup artist’s Mary Erickson and Suzanne Patterson based on their favorite high end and expensive lipsticks. Graftobian (a pro line) copied their favorite colors and got it down perfect with a much more wallet-friendly price to boot! Best of all they are fragrance-free (such a huge pet-peeve of mine when it comes to lip products) and they perform amazingly well.

 Graftobian Lip Color color chart

So far my favorite colors are Kiss Me which is a beautiful pinky-brown and Autumn Rust which is spice brown. If you like a nude lip try Sandalwood which is beige brown and Nude which is well, nude but more pinky beige. There’s every essential color that you would need but so far these are my faves!! Plus it comes in both lipstick tube form or palettes which have 5 shades each and is a fantastic and economic way to try out lots of different colors! Lipstick tubes are only $9.99 each and the palettes are $23.99 for 5 colors.  What a steal!!


What are the most important tools to a makeup artist? Their brushes. I can make cheap drugstore makeup look great if I have the right tools but it’s a toughy to make even the highest quality makeup to look perfect if I don’t have the proper tools. That’s why I take care of them like gold! The one and only makeup brush cleaner i’ll use is Cinema Secrets. It’s the only thing that has touched my brushes for the past 9+ years and the reason why my brushes have lasted me for so long. I have some that are over a decade old and trust me they get used and abused repeatedly!

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner - assorted sizes

CRC also carries hard to find disposable applicators, airbrush makeup and equipment and something new and awesome to the store are the Z-Palettes. These are empty palettes with no forms so you can various shapes and sizes from all brands of palette style or de-potted eye shadows and blushes.


If you suffer from dark undereye shadows and have tried tons of concealers from the drug and department stores with no success you have to try Eve Pearl’s Magic Salmon.  Eve Pearl is a multiple Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist and has developed the perfect “corrective” concealer which is also a treatment product.  If you use a concealer color that matches your skin tone you will end up with a gray cast and if you go too light you end up with the opposite problem raccoon eyes.  The peachy-salmon colors will correct the blue to purple undertone found in the darker shadowing common in those who have allergies, lack of sleep (especially new moms!) and hereditary.  Don’t give up just yet and give this concealer a try! It truly is magic!

Eve Pearl Magic Salmon Concealer and treatment wheel


One of the my personal makeup artist mentors is Scott Barnes.  He’s probably best known as Jennifer Lopez’s personal makeup artist and most recently have been working with Celine Dion for the Grammys, Oprah, the remake of We Are the World, etc.  His cosmetic line is being revamped and is coming back including my favorite product to make your body shimmer, shine, glisten, sparkle and glow everywhere from the neck down.  Body Bling is back! 

Body Bling